PRIZM Alumni spotlight – Jayda Hampton

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September 17, 2019
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PRIZM Alumni spotlight – Jayda Hampton

At PRIZM, we’re extremely proud of our alumni and love supporting their endeavors. Up next in our Alumni Spotlight is Jayda Hampton!

At the recommendation of her high school orchestra teacher, Jayda first participated in PRIZM’s programs in 2017, playing the cello. Prior to her senior year of high school, Jayda enrolled in the PRIZM Summer Camp and International Chamber Music Festival, which served as her first introduction to performing chamber music.

“PRIZM was my first step in the journey to professionalism,” Jayda said. “This program helped me gain leadership experience and allowed me to work and learn from world class musicians in a diverse environment.”

Today, Jayda is a sophomore at the University of Memphis and is pursuing a degree in music education. In her free time, she serves as a cello instructor. This includes Soulsville Charter School in Memphis, where she coaches cello students once a week as part of our PRIZM in the Schools program.