Hacks for Concert Newcomers

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1How do I get into the music?
Before the concert, introduce yourself to the pieces on YouTube or Spotify! You can also Google information about the music and composers. Remember to silence your phone during the concert so you can fully enjoy the experience!
2What should I wear?
Wear anything you feel comfortable in! Some people dress up for night concerts and others dress up casually. Black tie is not required.
3How do I learn about the pieces?
Look up information on Wikipedia, listen on Youtube or Spotify, or search online for program notes. We will try to provide links to these when we have concerts!
4Where should I sit?
The best locations are in the center, not too close to the front as that helps the sound blend a little better by the time it hits your ears (plus you can see more of the players when you’re not right up by the stage).
If there is a pianist, people like to sit more towards the left side of the house so that you can see the pianist’s hands as they perform, but the sound is better toward the center/right. Up to you!
5How long is a concert?
Depending on how much music is on the program, a concert can run from an hour to an hour and a half.
6When should I arrive?
Give enough time to park and find seating without feeling too rushed. (about 15 minutes before concert start time)
7What's up with the clapping?
Clap after pieces when you feel inspired! or wait until all the piece's movements/sections are finished!