“Thank you so much for exposing my child to a form of expression that she didn't know she had. I hope you return so she can continue to grow in the art."

Parent, Compass Community School Binghamton

PRIZM in the Schools “PITS” introduces high-level musical instruction to students in underserved communities by providing regular instruction from and interaction with professional musicians.

Academic research demonstrates that musical education helps students in numerous ways, including building language and reasoning skills, teamwork, imagination, discipline and self-confidence. In a community like Memphis, where the child poverty rate is at nearly 47%, our work takes on a much larger narrative.

Our community engagement outreach allows our school children to visually see how they can flourish/succeed through music, and more importantly, provides them with positive role models that look just like they do!

"There have been so many improvements across the board with all of the students since PRIZM started working with our students; not only on the technical level, but their musicality as well, and their confidence level."

Chelsea Subick, Orchestra Director, Cordova High School

If you would like to inquire if PRIZM in the Schools may be a fit for your school, please contact:

Gavin Wigginson, Executive Director
[email protected]
Cell: 901-871-3659