Student Advisory Council

PRIZM Student Advisory Council is currently on hold. Please check back for updates.

PRIZM 2020-2021 Student Advisory Council

PRIZM Ensemble is an organization uniquely committed to changing the face of Memphis’ arts community. We bring quality music programming into communities and schools across the city, and ensure that our programming is diverse and represents our city’s demographics.The PRIZM Student Advisory Council is open to high schoolers who have previously attended PRIZM programming.  Members of the Advisory Council will have the opportunity to make programming suggestions and gain leadership experience.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria: To serve on the advisory council, students must:

  1. Be currently enrolled in high school.
  2. Be willing and able to travel to meeting locations.
  3. Submit an application (see application form below).

Submission requirements: Students must provide:

  • A completed application, including a parent or legal guardian signature on the application form, approving participation on the Council.
  • Written responses to the following questions, listed on the application form below:
    • Why are you interested in being a member of the PRIZM Student Advisory Council?
    • What characteristics, accomplishments, and experiences do you possess that would be beneficial to the Council?
    • What are you hoping to learn from participating on the PRIZM Student Advisory Council?
    • What are you college and/or career plans?
    • Why do you think volunteering is important?
    • Please let us know of any additional interests or talents that you have outside of your work with PRIZM.
    • Have you included a parent or legal guardian signature on the form? Yes or No.
    • I understand that if I am selected as a member of the PRIZM Student Advisory Council, I will be expected to attend all meetings held throughout the term of the Council. I will also be expected to provide my own transportation to the meeting and event destinations.

Responsibilities of Student Advisory Committee members:

  • Provide feedback on a variety of PRIZM educational programming. Members are expected to participate fully in all discussions and scheduled meetings.
  • Share opinions and ideas on strategies for PRIZM’s Music Camp & International Chamber Music Festival and Winter Music Camp
  • Offer advice on future educational programming implementation
  • Serve as a liaison, as appropriate and as able, between PRIZM and each member’s high school student population
  • Help shape and/or provide feedback on PRIZM promotional/awareness campaigns

Student Advisory Committee members are expected to:

  • Meet five-six times throughout the Spring to assist with the recruitment, planning, and execution of the PRIZM Music Camp and International Chamber Festival and Winter Music Camp.
  • Share perspectives and opinions based on individual and collective experiences as students.
  • RSVP for each meeting
  • Attend at least three-four meetings

Students may also be asked to assist with volunteering and/or interning during the 2020 PRIZM Summer Camp and International Chamber Festival.

Why Join?

  • Represent your peers and engage in dynamic music education programming.
  • Help plan PRIZM’s International Chamber Music Camp & Festival and Winter Music Camp.
  • Get to work alongside Arts administrators.
  • Grow as a leader and arts advocate.
  • Develop of network of support and mentors through collaboration with other students; and
  • Make life-long friends.