PRIZM in the Schools kicks off at De La Salle Elementary

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August 27, 2018
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PRIZM in the Schools kicks off at De La Salle Elementary

PRIZM Ensemble embraces community outreach, and one of our biggest outreach programs is PRIZM in the Schools. For several school years, PRIZM has worked with schools across Memphis, primarily in underserved communities, to give students a deeper dive into music education and performance.

For the 2018 fall semester, PITS returned to De La Salle Elementary School in Binghampton.  The PRIZM instructors are starting a new class of third and fourth grade students on flute, trumpet, violin and viola. The students will also get music theory and music history training in their classes.

This is the first year for PRIZM to continue the program with De La Salle’s fifth graders. Because of the program’s success in recent years and the increase in student engagement, PRIZM and school administrators felt it was necessary to continue teaching the students who were first introduced to the program when they were third and fourth graders.

The students will perform an expo concert at De La Salle Elementary on Dec. 19 to showcase what they’ve learned this semester.

PITS instructors are comprised of some of Memphis’ most talented musicians, including professors from universities and orchestral members. To promote the next generation of aspiring professional musicians and music teachers, PRIZM also provides a student assistant teacher in all music classes at De La Salle.

PITS also reaches middle and high school students in Memphis. Next semester, PITS instructors can be found at Hickory Ridge Middle School and Cordova High School. At those schools, they will provide more in-depth instruction that is supplemental to the schools’ regular orchestra curricula, such as one-on-one coaching with students on their instruments and performing by their side in varying ensemble settings and public performances. More on that to come in later months!