A Summer of Belonging

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March 22, 2023
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October 31, 2023

A Summer of Belonging

Summer is a season of vibrancy, growth, and creativity, and this was perfectly embodied through our 2023 PRIZM Summer Music Camp and International Chamber Music Festival. Our faculty and staff not only fostered a place for 78 young musicians to refine their skills, but also developed a platform that celebrated the art of chamber music with a sense of community and belonging.

Nurturing Communication and Listening Skills

Chamber music is not just about playing instruments; it’s about creating a harmonious dialogue between musicians. At the heart of the camp’s philosophy was the belief that effective communication and active listening are essential for a successful ensemble. Throughout the camp, students were immersed in both small and large group ensembles, where they honed their ability to communicate non-verbally and respond sensitively to their fellow musicians. These skills not only enhanced their musical performances but also translated into valuable life skills.

Faculty from Across the Nation

One of the camp’s standout features was the impressive roster of faculty members hailing from nine different states. These educators brought with them a wealth of experience and diverse musical backgrounds, enriching the students’ learning experience with various perspectives.

The faculty’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment empowered the students to explore their own musical identities and embrace the cultural tapestry of chamber music.

Exploring Diverse Composers

Celebrating musical diversity, the camp placed a spotlight on works by contemporary composers from various backgrounds. Works composed by Jesse Montgomery, Chelsea Komschlies, and Ken Burton among many others were thoughtfully integrated into the festival. By exposing students to a range of musical styles and voices, the camp not only broadened their horizons but also contributed to expanding our thought past what we think we know.

The Future of Chamber Musicians: Trio Gaia

The camp’s opening concert, featuring the mesmerizing and energizing Trio Gaia from the New England Conservatory, served as an inspiring preamble. Beyond their performance, Trio Gaia engaged directly with the students, imparting insights on the nuances of ensemble leadership through the art of cueing. This unique interaction breathed life into theoretical concepts, giving students a real-world glimpse into the mechanics of cohesive musical dialogue.

Guiding Beyond Technique: Workshops in Improvisation, Conducting, Rehearsing, and Practicing

Recognizing that musical proficiency extends beyond instrumental mastery, the camp introduced an array of workshops designed to equip students with holistic skills. Workshops on improvisation provided an avenue for spontaneous artistic expression, while sessions on conducting unveiled the intricacies of leadership and group work. Additionally, workshops on effective rehearsing techniques and purposeful practice routines empowered students with the tools to refine their artistry.

Celebration through Music

As the camp drew to a close, students and faculty joined forces to present a culminating concert that exemplified the journey they had undertaken together. A Juneteenth Celebration, with an attendance of over 300 people, connected the community through different styles of music written by black composers and closed with The Sensational Barnes Brothers.

The Chamber Music Summer Camp achieved far more than teaching instrumental skills; it created a space where young musicians learned the importance of communication, collaboration, and cultural appreciation. By bringing together faculty from across the nation, exploring works by diverse composers, and learning from accomplished musicians, the camp ignited a passion for chamber music that transcended individual instruments. As the echoes of the closing concert lingered, they carried with them the melodies of unity, diversity, and the boundless potential of musical collaboration.